Visiting professorship in Neonatology with Univ. prof. Friedrich Reiterer

On the Labor Day, May 1 2018 we had our fifth Visiting Professorship program held in Macedonia this time in Neonatology. OMI visiting lecturer was Univ. Prof. Friedrich Reiterer from Medical University Graz, Austria. Around 40 participants were there to hear what is considered as a state of art in the field.

The program was organized as combination of international-OMI lecturer and national experts in the field.

Prof. Reiterer had his lectures on: Mechanical ventilation-contemporary views, including e.g. non-invasive ventilation, volume targeted ventilation; Pulmonary hypertension of the newborn; Bronchopulmonary dysplasia and Neonatal apnea.

While Prof. Elizabeta Zisovska had her lecture on: Contextual determinants of neonatal mortality – methodology of analysis; Prof. Aspazija Sofijanova had her lecture on: Early brain monitoring with a special emphasis on introduction of cooling for early prevention of possible bad outcome in critical term born and premature newborn, and Ass. d-r Natasa Aluloska held a lecture on: Neonatal convulsions.

Interesting case presentations followed, and a presentation by Ass d-r Nikolina Zdravevska “Newborn with an unusual rash and thrombocytopenia” was selected as a best presentation which granted her with the travel grant for next Maternal-Infant SMSI.

The travel grant and the Visiting Professorship program was supported by our representative Pharmaceutical Company “Alkaloid”.

During his short visit to Skopje, Prof. Reiterer visited the State Medical Simulation Center, and an idea for bilateral collaboration was born, he visited University Clinic for Pediatric Diseases and had a working meeting with Prof. Sonja Topuzovska, Dean of the Medical Faculty, Ss’ Cyril and Methodius University. We expect Prof. Reiterer during the early autumn 2018 on the Pediatric Symposium in Skopje, on the invitation of The President of Macedonian Society of Pediatricians, Prof. Aspazija Sofijanova, when we hope that he will have a possibility to see a little bit more from the beauties of Macedonia.

AAF-OMI Coordinator for Macedonia

Prof. d-r Marija Vavlukis, MD, PhD, FESC


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